Fundraising Strategies

« Fundraising is the art of raising friends. »

– Leighton Ford

The Fundraising

In order to carry out your God given projects, as a church or Christian ministry, you need to raise funds. This requires marketing skills that are not inherently present in every ministry leader, and even if it was, the ongoing fundraising work could feel like a distraction from your missionary labor.

On the other side of the spectrum, there is a challenge for donors too. As you read these lines, there are Christian foundations and missions boards who are praying to be connected to the right projects to invest in. Ironically, both ministries and donors are looking for one another but a connection between the two is missing.

As a ministry leader myself, this is something that I have come to realize first hand. For years I wish I could have an experienced team member or an outside partner to help us showcase our ministry and knock on doors of foundations and missions boards. Today, I hope Redempitve Media can be such a partner to you.

Jean-François Moquin,  President

Your Ministry

What’s your vision? What are your measurable goals? Who is on your team? How is your ministry going to impact the world for God? First, our team will help you showcase your mission and financial needs in a clear, creative and vibrant way, in a format suited to foundations and missions boards.

Connecting With

The next step is to browse through Canadian Christian foundation databases. Based on their funding interests and history, we select a golden list to be contacted. In order to make your ask as close as possible to their funding goals, we customize our approach for every foundation or missions board, then we make funding applications on your behalf.