« The universe is made up of stories, not atoms. »

– Muriel Rukeyser

The Art Of

For far too long, brands have relied on facts, data and figures to share ideas. It’s an approach that works against human nature. The fact is, the brain is hard-wired to receive information through visual storytelling.

We are a close-knit filmmaking studio with an affinity for pursuing beautiful human and profound Christian stories. We partner with you across a range of project types and distribution models. We help distill strategy, develop creative, and write scripts with our partners to produce films end-to-end, including key art, creative support and spiritual content for distribution as needed.

Video Productions

Our team will help you shine a spotlight on your team — showing the personalities that make your brand so special. This way your target audience can put a face to your business and get a sense of your ministry culture. From an internal perspective, this also helps staff members feel more valued and engaged with your brand.


These days, animation is only limited by your imagination. From commercials and feature films to landing pages and explainer videos, animation is everywhere. It’s a way to differentiate your message, while using all sorts of rich media (e.g., music, sound effects and movement) to bring attention to specific points. And since we have our own in-house studio, managing all the production is easy. You have the ability to bring any concept to life.